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The air in the jury room is stifling. The door is locked, so the jurors can’t even step outside for a breath of fresh air.  The Foreman tries hard to keep the jurors focused; since this is a capital murder trial, the verdict must be unanimous. Time moves as slowly as the hands of a stalled clock.
This is the setting for SLCT’s fall play, Twelve Angry Jurors, opening November 7 in the San Tan ballroom and closing with a matinee on November 11. This award-winning play deals with topics as fresh and relevant as today’s news: prejudice, the death penalty, crime and the fairness of a jury trial, to name a few.
The original play. Twelve Angry Men, was first produced as a television play in 1954. At that time, a woman’s right to serve on a jury varied from state to state. Women’s earliest inclusion was 1870, but many states didn’t allow it well into the 1960’s.  With these changes in mind, the play has been re-written as Twelve Angry Women and Twelve Angry Jurors to more clearly reflect the present.
Because of its close examination of a murder trial, Twelve Angry Men has been required reading for law students and is included in many high school government classes. Like most classic works, readers can find new nuances with each reading.

Tickets will go on sale Oct. 17 in Sun Lakes and also online at this website.

For specific questions or information, call 480-382-6290 and leave a message.

SLCT’s Annual Theater Student Scholarship Winner

On April 10, Sun Lakes Community Theatre presented their annual Theatre Arts Scholarship to Greyson Smith from Hamilton High School. Each year, SLCT awards a scholarship to a graduating senior from the Chandler School District who is majoring in theatre. Greyson will major in Performing Arts at Loyola University. Greyson has experience as a theatre director, music director, choreographer, scenic and technical director as well as an actor, singer and piano player. He has won numerous awards which include best male lead in a musical awarded by ASU for Shrek, the Musical and Legally Blonde. Greyson has also won the National Youth Arts award for his performance as the best male lead in School of Rock. SLCT is proud to support the drama programs of all the high schools in the Chandler Unified School District. In 2017, SLCT donated $750 to each of the Chandler high schools.

We urge the entire Sun Lakes community to support the drama programs of the Chandler Unified School District high schools by attending their theatre productions. Also, we encourage new SLCT residents to join our Sun Lakes theatre organization, attend our monthly fun meetings and purchase tickets to enjoy SLCT productions. In this way, you will help us continue to support local theatre productions and theatre arts education throughout our communities.

SLCT’s Annual Donations to the Drama and Theater Departments at Chandler High Schools

Hamilton High School
Basha High School
Perry High School
Chandler High School