About Us

The mission of Sun Lakes Community Theatre (SLCT):

  • provide live theatre produced by residents of all phases of the Sun Lakes communities
  • provide specialized productions for targeted audiences
  • create educational opportunities for residents to develop and enhance relevant skills
  • support the development of live theatre in the surrounding community

The Sun Lakes Community Theatre (SLCT) was started in the early 1980s by a small group of talented thespians who wanted to continue using their talents. The first productions were small skits, often written by members of the group and performed at various locations in Sun Lakes and SunBird.

It became an official club in 1988, with a $500 donation provided by Robson Communities, and gradually produced larger productions using an empty space in the Sun Lakes Mall. However, that space was soon designated for the Sun Lakes Library, and it currently houses the Renal Care Center.

Productions were moved to stages such as the San Tan stage in Cottonwood and the SunBird Country Club. The Little Theatre (as it was originally named) was able to provide some financial assistance for the replacement of the stage curtain during the renovation of the San Tan Ballroom in the early 1990's. There have been some plays produced in the Oakwood Ballroom; however, in addition to its 3' height stage which provides audiences better visibility, the Cottonwood San Tan Ballroom has lighting, a sound system, and dressing rooms on both sides of the backstage, and thus has become the unofficial "home" for SLCT productions. Light and sound equipment has been purchased by SLCT to complement those in the ballroom.

In April 1994 the name of the organization was officially changed to the Sun Lakes Community Theatre. SLCT has evolved over the years and now has not-for-profit status. It produces three major plays each season consisting of a summer, fall, and a spring play. Most recently the summer plays have been staged in the round. The five-night runs with dinner options on three nights typically play to a combined audience of about 2,000 annually. Its sound system has been upgraded and all actors wear mics during performances. Assistive hearing devices are also provided for patrons with special hearing needs.

The Sun Lakes Community Theatre is open to anyone in Sun Lakes who has an interest in theatre, not just on stage, but in supporting activities as well. Depending upon the number of cast members and a play's various special effects, it can take more than fifty members to produce a play. The club has over 100 members and holds its business and social meetings from October to April. Click on the SLCT Calendar on the home page for actual dates.