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 This comedy is set in Sweetgum, Texas, where three cousins are planning the final high school reunion before their beloved school is demolished. They are also trying to land a job planning the birthday bash for the Governor, a job they desperately need to keep their business afloat and each would like to wear the final and forever Guacamole Queen Crown. But nothing goes according to plan as a self-righteous aunt believes she should be crowned the final and forever Guacamole Queen. Add their elderly uncle who insists on simultaneously courting two octogenarian sisters at the same time, along with trying to live life to the fullest. Throw into this mix a sassy television hostess, a sanctimonious evangelist, a sharp-tongued, election-hungry aunt, a revenge seeking former student, a slightly “off” helper, an overzealous police chief and you have all the makings of a chaotic and hilarious two act play.

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The ImproVables provide an evening’s worth of non-stop laughter. Improvisational comedy relies on suggestions and ideas from the audience. The performers then create scenes and sketches based on these suggestions and all off the top of their heads. There are no scripts and no rehearsal!

The ImproVables had a two year hiatus due to the pandemic. Now they are back and ready to entertain! The newly re-organized troupe of 20 performers is comprised of former members and members who are new to the art of improv. “We meet and practice every Monday morning,” states Phyllis Novy, one of the troupe’s founders. “It is a joy to begin each week with laughter.”


On December 3, 2021 lots of activities for Cottonwood Palo Verde Country Club were planned by the newly hired Recreation Manager Jean Jones. Many members from the Sun Lakes Community Theatre (SLCT) helped her bring it all together! ”I don’t know what I would have done without them,” said Jones.
From the golf cart parade to their community Christmas function, SLCT members dressed up, came out in full force and lent several helping hands to make each event special for attendees.
The SLCT members that graciously helped with the events were: John and Merrie Crawford as Mr. & Mrs Santa Claus (photo 1), Irma Bray as Rudolph, Sonya White as The Snowman and Diana Nelinson as the Grinch. Santa’s Elves were: Joyce Recupido, Mary Vandergriff and Kathy Tomasewski. Santa’s Helpers: Pat Wolfe, Nancy Patterson and Robin Murray (photo 2) guided the children in the audience when children were asked to be an active part of the some of the Christmas songs too!
SLCT member Jeanette Cline volunteered her keyboard class to entertain the audience with Jeanette as the MC. Our own Cindi Decker played one of the keyboards, Sally Holberg and Gene Cline entertained by performing holiday songs throughout the program. SLCT technical supports was given by Dave & MaryAnn Stevens, Dennis and Susan Conzatti & MJ Clement.
“Sun Lakes Community Theatre and Cottonwood Palo Verde Country Club have had a long-standing relationship and work very well together.” said SLCT board member MJ Clement. In addition to all of the help SLCT provided for her Dec. 3rd event, Recreation Manager, Jean Jones, wanted to let others know that homeowners are family and part of each others lives. She developed The 12 Days of Christmas Gifts program to help show that Cottonwood/Palo Verde community homeowners care about each other.
Twelve Cottonwood/ Palo Verde residents were chosen as recipients of what will now be an annual event. Sally Holberg and several past SLCT members donated their time to help wrap the Christmas presents for the program. Two of Santa’s Elves, (Irma Bray from SLCT and Jean Jones, Recreation Manager – Photo 3) helped deliver the gift bags in Irma’s Mustang convertible as SLCT member, MJ Clement, led the way in her Honda van!
Team work and cooperation made this holiday season a treat for both the Cottonwood/Palo Verde community and Sun Lakes Community Theatre. We can hardly wait to see what 2022 brings.

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For specific questions or information, call 480-382-6290 and leave a message.