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Sun Lakes Community Theatre Needs a Permanent Home!

We have out-grown our shared spaces!

Sun Lakes Community Theatre (SLCT) is unique! Since 1988, we have served our neighbors in Sun Lakes and surrounding communities as a theater company that has not had a home of its own!  Over all these years, we have competed with other organizations for shared rehearsal space and performance venues!  This limits our rehearsal time and the number and type of performances we can do. In addition, we have outgrown all of the spaces that we have been borrowing!

For over 30 years, SLCT has filled the void in accessible, affordable, and convenient theatrical productions!  Despite all the constraints of not having our own theatre facility, we have persevered to delight and wow our audiences.

While we are thrilled that our typically sold-out main stage theatrical productions, children’s theatre, wildly funny improv comedy troupe, and theater education classes have become a vehicle for SPANNING GENERATION GAPS AND BUILDING COMMUNITY. We are challenged to meet the ever-increasing demands of our growing audiences!


Talk about building community!

Having our own space where we can rehearse, perform, build sets, and have safe storage for our technical equipment, props, costumes, and sets, would enable us to continue our mission!   We would be able to perform MORE productions annually, involve MORE participants, and provide MORE benefit to Sun Lakes residents.

The USA Today network has approved SLCT to compete in the grant, A Community Thrives, with awards of $100,000, $50,000, $25,000 or $10,000!

During the initial funding period (March 18-April 12, 2019), we need to raise a minimum of $3,000 to compete in the ACT grant.  However, we need to raise much more to demonstrate the support of our community!   (Only donations $10 – $10,000 count!)

Four $25,000 grants will also be awarded to the campaigns that raise the most money through A Community Thrives on CrowdRise in 2019.                                                             



Gannett Company, publishers of USAToday, Arizona Republic, and AZ Central newspapers, the sponsor of this $100,000 grant will open the challenge and make the button to start donations go live for “The A Community Thrives” Program on

Monday, March 18, 2019 at 9:00am (our local time).

To DONATE, click on this button:
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The window for donations will end on Friday, April 12, 2019 at 9:59:59am

For further information, contact:  Carol Horowitz. 480-895-0236

SLCT is a DYNAMIC and ENERGETIC group of former actors, directors, theatre technicians, and others who share a lifelong love of theater, some who have never set foot before on a stage! 

We give back to younger generations by sharing our experience and expertise, and in turn, they inspire us to be innovative and keep us forever young!

Over the years, SLCT has broadened its scope beyond FULL MAIN STAGE PRODUCTIONS by bringing highly acclaimed CHILDREN’S THEATRE productions to over 25 elementary schools annually in Chandler Unified School District and by helping and supporting students at five Chandler high schools. Our IMPROVISATIONAL COMEDY troupe, the ImproVables, is the only such group in the area comprised entirely of senior citizens.   We mentor others through our THEATER EDUCATION workshops and training programs, to participate as first-time actors or theatre technicians.  As lifelong learners, we offer our members and interested non-members classes in beginning acting, advanced acting, storytelling, and technical theater (lighting, sound) to continuously improve their skills.

Our CHILDREN’S THEATER TROUPE has brought awe and wonder to kindergarten and first graders who have never seen a live theater production.  They “write” beautiful letters thanking us for the opportunity to see book characters suddenly come to life in front of them.  Our IMPROV GROUP, The ImproVables, performs at community colleges, senior recreation centers, and community centers in surrounding areas to the delight of our audiences, many of whom have never experienced live improv before.

As our audiences and outreach continue to rapidly grow, sharing our rehearsal and performance space with many other clubs and organizations no longer works!  We no longer want to be vagabonds!  We want to solidify our footprint in the community!

By combining the efforts of the greater community, SLCT would like to raise funds to obtain a nearby permanent venue that will accommodate rehearsals, performances, audience seating, and storage of essential materials and equipment needed to make live theater available and affordable for all populations including the residents of Sun Lakes retirement communities and neighboring multi-generational communities.



Upcoming Productions

SLCT’s summer production is a collection of Old Time Radio shows, such as The Jack Benny Show, Fibber McGee and Molly, and The Bickersons, performed on stage with announcers, actors, and sound effects. The production will run June 18-22, 2019 in the San Tan Ballroom.


SLCT’s fall production is Plaza Suite by Neil Simon. The production will run October 22-26, 2019 in the San Tan Ballroom.

Stay tuned to this site for more details.

For specific questions or information, call 480-382-6290 and leave a message.